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Your typical K-Pop idol group is composed of several rather anonymous youngsters, so attractive that they’re boring."The mainstream success that Psy has," Simon continues, "we don't see that [happening] in other kinds of K-Pop, but we still see a vast amount of success happening on an underground level." What about the hope, expressed by a number of people in the industry, that K-Pop will be the next big thing?At K-Con we had the pleasure of talking to Simon and Martina Stawski, whose began four years ago as a simple series of videos that the couple produced for the family back home in Canada, but now the site's goal "is to document the fun and quirky things we like about Korea," as well as helping first time visitors to the country deal with the particulars of the culture."K-Pop is not just a song or a genre, it's an entire culture," explained Martina.

These imported singers are then used to promote their acts back in their respective home countries." In the South Korean model, a pop group is more like a brand and a talent pool than a proper band.

"I know a lot of people think 'Gangnam Style' is opening the floodgates," Simon says, but the song is much different than most K-Pop.

"[T]here's a lot of irony and humor in that video, while other K-Pop songs are very serious and sexy and very well crafted." And of course, this is by design.

It was soon after arriving that she was approached on the street in the neighborhood of Apgujeong (where Psy’s "Gangnam Style" video was shot] by a talent agent.

"The next day," Lee says, "I gave the card to my mom and I explained what happened, and my mom thought we should call him." Soon, the whole family was at a karaoke joint, where Lee and her sister auditioned for a place in a pop group the agency was putting together.

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