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During the storm, detainees said they could hear air conditioning units banging against the building.Water seeped into their sleeping quarters and caused ceiling tiles to fall off.3,000 men, overflowing latrines, and limited food and water.Reported By; Nathalie Baptiste who is a writing fellow in Washington, D. In late August, Hurricane Harvey made landfall on the southeast Texas coast bringing with it extreme winds and dropping more than four feet of rain across Houston and the surrounding area.The catastrophic flooding caused thousands to evacuate, including many state prisoners who were moved to drier and safer facilities elsewhere in the state.

The next day, the storm slammed into Beaumont, a city of 118,000 located 85 miles east of Houston.Why werent arrangements for food, water, toilets, and things of that nature made for the inmates in the days leading up to the storm? Hartvikson also says their meals shrunk drastically.Some of are [sic] meals during that time were just 1 peanut butter sandwich.Hartvikson describes increasingly desperate circumstances in the prison with inadequate food, overflowing toilets, and a lack of drinkable water. The courts have made clear that prisoners are constitutionally entitled to be housed in conditions of reasonable safety, David Fathi, the director of the ACLUs National Prison Project says.Us inmates knew we were in trouble when breakfast consisting of 2 boiled eggs and a piece of cornbread were delivered to our cells. The conditions Hartvikson allege are anything but reasonable or safe.

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Jason Clark, a spokesman for TDCJ, refutes the claims that conditions were poor during Hurricane Harvey.

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