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And in other Wayans tv news, Keenen's ex-wife, Daphne Wayans is expected to be on the next season of Hollywood Exes.

Brotha not only are they control freaks, they just don't want to see black men happy PERIOD!!!

Who died and left you the master on why black woman are dysfunctional according to you.

You are just another black man downing a black woman and giving praise to others when that isn't rignt.

My momma nags and bitch alot I AIN'T LOOKING FOR A WOMAN LIKE THAT!! " Because we don't have to swag up and be a thug or a simple nigga in order to impress them. Yea say they want us for our money or sex, BUT THEY NOT TRYING TO EMASCULATE US, USE OUR CHILDREN AGAINST US, AND THEY WOULDN'T RATHER BE A REALITY SHOW STAR THAN A REAL WIFE WHEN THEY ARE WITH SUCCESSFUL BLACK MEN. Countless BM have gon on record denouncing WW that have emasculated them, 50 cent is one of them. Several WW keep their kids away from the dad until that check shows up, ask Terrell Owens and OJ Simpson. I can tell you've never left the confines of your mothers basement.

Just cause she black GET THE FUCK OUT OF HERE, DATE A WOMAN CAUSE SHE LOVES YOU AND WILL LET YOU BE A MANNNNN IN THE HOUSEHOLDDDDDD. And just cause a woman gave birth and raised you don't mean she did it the right way and was the best mother. Travel this world, you will see that women can have cultural differences but in the end we're all emotional and no one is better than the next. Some woman, probably your mother, aunt, grandma...Black woman really phucked your head, mind, and soul completely up.

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