Cost of sedating a horse

They are simple lobed leaves, getting smaller as they move up the plant.

Wild prickly lettuce has a distinctive line of spines or prickles on the underside of the leaves, running up the midvein.

It is taken internally in the treatment of insomnia, anxiety, neuroses, hyperactivity in children, dry coughs, whooping cough, rheumatic pain etc.

Concentrations of lactucarium are low in young plants and most concentrated when the plant comes into flower.

The bitter flavor comes through in milk, so it's best to eliminate it from dairy pasture if possible.

When we were clearing out one of the garden beds, I harvested enough to fill up the dehydrator.

The leaves themselves are slightly prickly, mainly underneath.

They can be handled without significant discomfort – they only poke a bit. Prickly wild lettuce blooms from mid-summer to fall.

The sap contains “lactucarium”, which is used in medicine for its anodyne, antispasmodic, digestive, diuretic, hypnotic, narcotic and sedative properties.

Lactucarium has the effects of a feeble opium, but without its tendency to cause digestive upsets, nor is it addictive.

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Prickly Wild Lettuce is also known as opium lettuce, wild lettuce, wild opium, horse thistle, China lettuce and prickly lettuce.

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