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Thus, side by side with the Phoenician civilisation, there grew up another civilisation, that of the Crusaders.

These latter brought in such innovations as churches with copper bells, which replaced the ancient bells made of wood.

At this point in time give or take one or two minor incidents we have not as yet achieved any great notoriety or infamy but have gone some way in making our presence known, be it in law, or sports, hello Alan, education, or medicine, hello Alec, or one or two Pharmaceutical surgeons I won't mention names but hello anyway.

And of course in those most important of Lebanese preoccupations, business and gambling.

Then the Saint gave the Christians seven pebbles which they were to throw in the dry source on the eight day. The pagans were thus converted and the source came to be known by the name of Saint Simon.

Derived from the French word "Curé" meaning Priest, and from the Arabic word "Beit El Khoury" meaning the "House of Priest" "May the prayers and offerings of our forefathers, who were Priests, continue to grow in generations to come" The one common denominator of being a Khourie in South Africa is that you are bound to be asked by someone usually not of Lebanese extraction, once you have given your surname is as to whether or not you are related to the Khouries in Germiston, Boksburg, Benoni, Alberton, Welkom, Yryheid, Poffadder or some other obscure part of the country, and on relying in the negative you are generally given a look that implies a certain degree of disbelief.Later, during the Crusades, when King Louis IX cane to the East in 1250, the inhabitants of Becharre, lead by Al Chidiac Gergis, went forth to greet him with many presents and then served under his command with great distinction.Following the collapse of the Crusades, many of the soldiers settled in Becharre and built convents, the most celebrated of which is the convent of Saint Sarkis.And, in spite of frequent persecutions by pagan authorities, their teachings found a ready ear in the population.A strange story has attached itself to this fact of conversion.

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