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One category showing was worth single amount, two of the same category was worth double the amount and three of the same was worth four times.

Also, there was one Joker space on each reel, the player had the choice of making the joker any category or by selecting one of the others and the joker. In 2017, the show was rebooted on TBS after being off the air for more than 26 years, hosted by rapper Snoop Dogg under the "appropriately" self-titled Snoop Dogg Presents The Joker's Wild as it plays slightly different from the original version. In this pilot shot on December 8, 1968 and hosted by Password host Allen Ludden, the giant slot machine had categories that "came to life", because the categories were represented by five celebrity guests.

This was a different version of The Joker's Wild; for it was played with celebrities and recently married couples, and was supposedly a 1 1/2 hour show, but instead it became an hour long show.

The winning contestant took up to three spins of the wheels, on each spin, three prizes were displayed. A second pilot was taped a month later on January 5, 1969.Whichever star was chosen, the panelist would then ask a question or questions under his/her own category in which correct answers scored points according to how many of any celebrity appeared.One of each celebrity made each question worth one point; two of one celebrity, and one of another made the value of each question be two points; and finally, three of a single celebrity made each question worth three points.Here, the minigame is a self-contained game, usually with no relevance to the surrounding plot (though this is not a requirement).Sometimes the game is an Embedded Precursor (see that page for such examples), an older unrelated game, or a poorly disguised copy of a well-known existing game.

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May overlap with Unexpected Gameplay Change and Bonus Stage.

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