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The 98-acre area was made up of several distinct neighborhoods.To the south, clustered around Madison and Grand streets was the heart of Albany's Italian American community.Although only about half of Little Italy was seized by the State, the demolition and subsequent noise and dirt associated with the construction of the Empire State Plaza led many residents to move, even if their homes were not appropriated.To the north lay Albany's rooming house district, centered on Jay, Lancaster, and Hudson streets between Eagle and S. About 10% of the buildings torn down for the Empire State Plaza were rooming houses.

Wallace Harrison served as supervising architect for the entire project, with other associated firms as listed below.

During repayment, the state guaranteed the principal and interest payments in the form of rent for a plaza that was officially county property.

Ownership was then to be transferred to the state in exchange for regular payments in lieu of taxes.

The eastern part of the take area, where the South Mall Arterial is now, was Albany's "Gut," an area of cheap hotels, flophouses, and dive bars.

The area in and around the seized area had long been home to immigrants and their churches.

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They used the vast scope and style of Brasilia, Versailles and Chandigarh as models.

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