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I suspect women need men for the precisely the same reason (although I understand the mechanics of that less well, on account of I have a penis).

One thing is sure in my mind: men and women each need the other to become better people.

Relationships can and do break down shortly after love is mentioned, or after years of being together and being ‘in love’. He doesn’t love you and isn’t going to change that view. Saying nothing but staying in the relationship won’t change this, however.

So you may prefer to speak up now but consider what you will do if you sharing how you feel means the end of the relationship.

I’m sure he feels the same way about me but neither of us have said the ‘L’ word yet. I want to tell him I love him but am not sure how to go about it and wonder if I should hold on for him to go first. You say you’re not sure whether to be open about how you feel.

But you’ve been together a while, you know you both like each other and you’re both seemingly happy this is getting more serious.

In the column above, I basically said: “Dump him, and give him the chance to fight his way back.” To my mind, these challenges give dudes an opportunity to grow, and to take ownership of their intimate lives.

What’s the point of getting my hopes up again or wasting my time by continuing to see each other? In the best couples, you take turns in charge of it. Maybe the lady “steers” for a few years, making the big calls on where the relationship is headed. We’re “confused.” We’re “not sure how we feel.” We have “issues.” And that’s fine: we’re all entitled to those feelings. But at the moment, you’re complicit in his emotional stasis. You sit in the passenger seat and fret, but what good does that do? Try out that “take a break” idea he so helpfully brought up. He’s a married guy with tons of relationship experience, and a skilled advice giver who’s here to answer all your pressing sex, dating and relationship questions. Email him at I’ve been dating this amazing guy for 10 months.Two months into our relationship, he told me he loved me and I realized I loved him back. He spends less time with me and stopped saying he loved me (the only exception is when he’s drunk).What is wrong with him — if he doesn’t love me anymore, why can’t he just leave it be? Health issues, or a big change in financial circumstances to address? It’s not set in stone, and doesn’t mean the passenger can’t give directions. This guy doesn’t want to take responsibility, and is bombing down the freeway letting God take the wheel. Or even trust your instincts and break up with him altogether. His feelings will suddenly become very clear when he hears about that date you went on with a guy from your old office, or sees the pictures from that beach vacation you took without him.But relationships are like road trips: either you share the driving, or you’re kind of a dick. He may rouse from this emotional lethargy and do anything he can to get you back.

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