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” A better choice would be to suggest she make an appointment at Planned Parenthood or another reputable health clinic (as opposed to a “crisis pregnancy center“) where she can access information and resources from non-judgmental professionals. Addressing SAD during interview process: I have seasonal affective disorder and can get mildly depressed during the winter months.It’s not severe and usually doesn’t even require antidepressants if I can maintain a healthy lifestyle.I’m currently in the middle of an interview process and hoping for a job offer.I’ve been in the office space and noticed that some cubicles are near windows—having one of these would enhance my work and productivity.If she can’t support you in this, I hope you give yourself the freedom to spend time with people who do. Awkward medical problems, ahoy: In the last year I developed a bowel-related medical problem that is mainly managed with a doctor-approved diet and is exacerbated by stress.

I previously had my own place, but now that I am at grad school I live in an expensive city with roommates.

The fact that your grandmother is now old does not mean that you are required to grin and bear it indefinitely. Sometimes people carry on, old and sick, for longer than anyone might have anticipated.

Just because everyone else in your family is used to catering to her does not mean you have to participate.

If I do receive an offer, do I bring this up during the negotiation process?

I do not want the company to be concerned about my mental health or my productivity, or to come across as needy or picky.

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