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As usual, a word of caution when buying something “old” that you may not be sure of.

Modern manufacturers are making reproduction cookie cutters in all materials.

Opaque plastic cutters were available from 1960 through today. Some of the cutters that Hallmark produced in the 1970s and 80s are very collectible.

Hallmark, one of the top cookie cutter makers along with Ekco, produced hundreds of cutter designs for every conceivable occasion.

Martha’s are made of copper and, again according to, are regularly bringing in 0 to 0 dollars at online auctions. We all remember the Gingerbread Man and the part that gingerbread played in Hansel and Gretel. Did you know that the Grimm fairy tale may have been based on a true incident?

My motto when buying, is to only buy it if you really, really love it.

I do have a couple of reproduction tin cutters in my collection because I liked the subjects.

I probably bought 50 or more of these cutters at Otani’s Variety Store on I Street (now the home of Reedley Trading Post) during the 1970s.

Cookie cutters that have a firm name or logo on them are very collectible, as are cutters that are cross collectible (like Batman for example) and cutters that commemorate a particular event.

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