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But it does, in fact, have a proper scientific meaning.Meteorologists use the term ‘weatherbomb’ to denote a dramatic plunge in atmospheric pressure, when the pressure at the centre of a weather system drops by at least 24 millibars within 24 hours. This sudden fall in pressure is caused by the ‘jet stream’ — fast-flowing cool winds high up in the atmosphere — sucking up air, rather like a vacuum cleaner, from an area of the North Atlantic below.The holly and the ivy were wrapped around each other in the churchyard.

The far-off hedgerows were black on their sheltered side, dusted white on their windward side.The snow was completely virgin, free of any animal tracks.Oh, the joy of a real winter after the wet, grey, nondescript season of recent years.No health-and-safety nannying here; no helmets or hi-viz jackets.Children cheerfully rocketed off the edge of the steep hill, headfirst, precariously balanced on the equivalent of a big plastic plate.

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This reduces the weight of the air, which in turn causes atmospheric pressure to fall at sea level.

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