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The love that develops between them is genuine though which i think is where they are the most similar.Both decent reads if your into shoujo I was expecting Dengeki Daisy to be more recommended but I'm surprised that nobody did. There were some instances wherein Teru and Karin looked alike.After some events that occurred both females decided they want to change themselves and therefore they have.Also, They both have just that 1 person who interferes with them in finding love..Both female lead are unfashionable the first time but became cute as time passes by when they fell in love with good looking and popular guys.Have tons of romance as well and the guys protects their girlfriend and treated them really nice. shy nerdy girl becomes cute pushy hot guy hate each other but then actually like each other even the supporting characters are similar but both are good in their own way the only difference, other than names, would be the interests kiriya likes photography whereas tsbuki likes astronomy definitely good reads and very cute I actually made the mistake of trying to read both at the same time, and ended up getting them confused.

Yukino is more independent than Karin but they both go through the struggle to become there own person.

Also both boys must overcome the death of a loved one that has traumatized them (and surprise surprise in each one it's the death of a *insert spoiler here*). The story works really really, you can imagine which makes it an even one. Sakura in BODY is a stronger girl than in Kare First Love, and more likeable, in my opinion. Both boys were born in a rich family but they have a bad relationship with their fathers because their fathers are company managers and they want their sons to inherate the company but the boys prefer to work as photographers. And both girls are from a middle-class family and very cute and sweet, this is her first love for both of them.

Whether you did or didn't like Kare First Love I highly recommend Mars because although they are similar each tell entirely different stories enough to stand on their own. But Kare First Love is much better, Sakura is too short and the storyline isn't well developed.

The relationships in both manga's are basically identical.

The girls are hesitant, resistant [i found Karin in Kare first love to be incredibly annoying towards this get through it] and the guys are pushy.

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