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Well, I have never had sex with another man and I told her that we would have to find another way.She said that she had made up her mind and felt that this was the best way.Our Client Needs Analysis and subsequent marketing recommendations are based on one of the leading marketing books of all time: “Positioning, the Battle for Your Mind” by Jack Trout and Al Ries.It is the first book to deal with the problems of communicating to a skeptical, media-blitzed public.When I arrived at her house the next evening, she was sitting on the sofa wearing a big, red, fluffy bathrobe.When she pulled her feet up, the robe slid up enough to hint that she was wearing nothing but the robe.When we come to do a Client Needs Analysis we will ask a lot of questions about your business and your competitors. When you do business with the Finger Lakes Radio Group, you can expect a professional, thoughtful approach to your marketing and business needs. We will do everything in our power to make sure you get the increase in business our Return On Investment analysis indicates is possible.There may be some questions you’ve never thought about. We will keep in touch with you through your entire campaign.

In that way, you will know whether your money has been well spent.

I was beginning to think that she did not reciprocate my feelings when one day she finally told me why she hadn't let me have sex with her.

It seems that she had been involved with a man last year who had "turned" gay.

They apparently had a very satisfactory sex life and she had become emotionally involved with him before he had been enticed into a homosexual relationship with a friend.

She wanted to make sure that the same thing did not happen again with me.

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It was all I could do to keep my hands off of her, but every time I tried to feel her breasts, she laughingly pushed my hands away saying that little boys needed patience.

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