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Carney stated in an interview with Modern Drummer that he never took drum lessons as a kid, but learned by mimicking friends that were also drummers using a 0 drumset that he bought using money earned from a job washing dishes.

In 2001 Carney and Auerbach, lead singer and guitarist, formed The Black Keys, releasing their debut album The Big Come Up less than a year later.

Carney is the drummer on The Rentals' 2014 album Lost in Alphaville.

In 2005, Carney created Audio Eagle Records, an independent record label.

In 2011, he produced the second studio album by Tennis, titled Young & Old, which was released on Fat Possum Records on February 14, 2012.

Carney also contributed the main title music to the 2014 Netflix show Bo Jack Horseman.

Patrick James Carney (born April 15, 1980) is an American musician and producer best known as the drummer for The Black Keys, a blues rock band from Akron, Ohio.

He also has a side-project rock band called Drummer. His uncle, Ralph Carney, was a professional sax player, and played with Tom Waits, among others.

They released Feel Good Together, their debut album in the same year.

This was followed by Thickfreakness in 2003 and Rubber Factory in 2004.

The band's fourth album Magic Potion was released in 2006.

Attack & Release, their critically acclaimed fifth album was released in 2008, with a follow up in 2010 titled Brothers. The band's latest album is Turn Blue, released in 2014.

Both Carney and Auerbach record with Nonesuch Records.

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The wedding party included Ward's siblings Danielle Shuster and Henry Ward, Carney's brothers Will Carney, Michael Carney, and Barry Stormer, and the couple's Irish wolfhound, Charlotte.

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