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Where a black and white photo would still catch the startling moment, the Kodachrome takes it a step further and lets the viewer see how slick and deeply black the bomb along with the deep glint in the man’s eye as he holds it.Whether they depict fighter pilots looking out towards the blue skies in which they work or a pair of canary-colored biplanes awaiting war, these photos enliven the past in a way black and white cannot.Determining age is not easy, even if a card has a date printed on it.Many cards were sold for years after their printing, and the postmark date shows only when something was mailed, not when it was made.Damaged cards bring less money or can make the card nearly worthless.The oldest known picture postcard sold in 2002 at the London Stamp Exchange auction for just under ,000 dollars.Other resources for identifying cards are digital collections including those at the University of Delaware and the Library of Congress.After you've identified your card, go on an auction site like e Bay to look for similar examples or check out recent specialty auctions, such as those held at Cherryland Auctions.

Although assigning value to a postcard isn't always simple, the process itself is fairly easy to follow.

If you're hoping to find out how much your card is worth, follow these steps.

Note the condition of the card, the picture on it, and identifying factors, and the age. Postcard price and identification guides are useful tools in determining the current market value of postcards.

Cards that feature iconic moments in history or come from long-gone places offer a glimpse into the past.

Collectors will pay top dollar for certain subjects, such as vintage ocean liners, and these cards may fetch more money at auction.

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