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The council would consist of at least 14 members appointed by the governor and include doctors, nurses, hospital officials, insurance officials, medical researchers and people diagnosed with rare diseases, as outlined in SB 7.The members would meet at least three times a year, be unpaid for their work on the council and serve four-year terms.State Treasurer Allison Ball appeared before the House State Government Committee today with Rep.Ken Fleming, R-Louisville, in support of House Bill 88.Senate Bill 7, which would establish the Kentucky Rare Disease Advisory Council and Trust Fund to promote research, treatment and education on rare diseases.The bill was approved by the Senate on Thursday and sent to the House for consideration House Bill 88, approved by the House State Government Committee on Thursday, would allow unclaimed state property to be the only source of funding for operation of the Office of the State Treasurer.Sponsored by Fleming, the bill would allow all expenses for the Office of the State Treasurer to be paid out of the state’s abandoned property fund, freeing up the agency’s remaining state General Fund and Road Fund appropriations for other budget needs.

The size of the abandoned property fund piqued the interest of Rep.“And for many of those, there is more than one victim.And right now in Kentucky, those victims have inadequate rights or no rights at all in a criminal justice system that is designed to do justice.” Westerfield, who introduced SB 3, said some of the rights it seeks to enshrine in the state constitution include the right to notice of all criminal court proceedings involving the accused, reasonable protection from the accused, timely notice of the release or escape of the accused and the right to full restitution to be paid by the convicted.“This has been sort of like a law school exam question,” he said of the discussions on how to craft language in the bill as to not impede on people’s property rights or extend animals personhood status. It is just a small way we can protect our dogs and cats.” “For every one of those almost 24,000 cases there is at least one victim,” Sen.“I know this isn’t an earth-shattering piece of legislation but our dogs and cats are very important to us,” Carroll said. Whitney Westerfield, R-Hopkinsville, said before the Kentucky Senate passed Senate Bill 3 – dubbed the crime victims’ bill of rights – by a 34-1 vote this afternoon.

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The measure is aimed at giving some relief to the state budget.

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