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This story has been repeated and scraped and reposted countless times across the internet.I have not been able to find any reports confirming the dice from the Burnt City that doesn’t take its text from the Persian Journal article.

I strongly suspect that someone misinterpreted that as meaning 5000 BCE, and like the Burnt City story itself, the misinformation spread across the web.After this we’ll address some of the info that didn’t make it into this history, and why: History of Dice Dice have been used in games throughout the history of civilization, from ancient Egypt and Sumeria to Dungeons & Dragons.Gamers doing some cursory poking around on the internet might notice a few claims of older dice that are not included in this history.Over at Chess Quest this article does a pretty good and well-documented job of debunking the reports of the Burnt City backgammon set & dice.Furthermore, it looks like the photo of ancient dice used in the article and every other repost of the article were actually taken from this site.

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