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Now in addition to this persistent debunking of modern crop pictures by most large media organizations, probably at the behest of governments, there have also been supplementary if somewhat superfluous criticisms by a loosely organized collection of people who call themselves sceptics.

A great many of those sceptical websites can simply be ignored, especially if they cite Wikipedia or the 1991 Doug and Dave story (see below) as proof of their intellectual correctness.

All of the individuals except one had been instructed beforehand to give the same wrong answer.

So the question became: what would the remaining individual do?

Other sceptics have made fairly rudimentary attempts to create authentic crop pictures as a test of the human faker hypothesis.

Yet they have never apparently examined the real ones in Wiltshire, in order to understand what they are trying to replicate. Likewise, the Committee for Sceptical Inquiry proposed four testable hypotheses concerning modern crop pictures in 2002, but none of those seem to be even remotely supported by new field observations as of 2008 (see Your researcher has no scientific background, and the same counts for all of that other so-called scientific research on crop circles.

Nor could they, since one very large crop picture was photographed during its formation two years ago in East Field at 3 AM, in the presence of multiple witnesses (see They are now as bad as the worst tabloids, pandering to what they consider the public wants to see and hear Rational explanations postulate that crop circles are man-made hoaxes.

Fifty or more complex and apparently authentic pictures appear every summer in southern England near Wiltshire, or sometimes in other places.Or simply debunk them out of an irrational fear of what the future might bring?Apparently our local governments on Earth have chosen the latter.Since 2002, there has been reasonable and undeniable evidence that most large or complex crop pictures might be non-human made, at least in the sense of local human fakers with rope and boards (see for example ourworld.or video.google.com).During the summer of 2008, there was even more rigorous evidence for their authenticity, concerning a pi to ten digits crop picture that appeared on June 1 near Barbary Castle, and which was later publicized worldwide in mainstream newspapers (see

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