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I recently wrote about my conversations with my grandmother Gammeter to pass on to my sons. She told me about coming to Wisconsin from Switzerland when she was a very young woman.

She did live on the French side of Switzerland so she thought she had an accent.

However the Norwegian community of dairy farmers wanted him to be a cheese maker for their milk products.

In those days farmers helped each other during planting and harvesting of crops.

My family is like most American families and I am proud of all of them. Gram came to America with her parents who came here because they had family already living In the northern part of Wisconsin.

Grandpa came because he was the second son in his Swiss family who farmed.

Then we went on the famous Duck Boat that goes on land and water. It was a time we shared with no work to do on our minds!I finished school, married and always spent a few weeks every summer with my sons in her and Uncle John’s home. More memories follow but now I want to concentrate on one clear lesson.Today there is such a division among we Americans about immigrants and different life styles that it is almost hateful in our lack of respect for each other. Each of our stories is almost incredibly Sacred in our history. She was a tiny woman but it seemed she could hold more babies on her lap than anyone, most of them being her own grandchildren.As her children grew up and matured we became a very diverse family. We have almost every Christian faith (mostly catholic, some protestant), Jewish, Sikh, Muslim, African, Latino, as well as several from the various other countries of the world and embracing different life styles.Early in this change a family member was criticizing a new Latino who was dating a sibling and the family member seemed to think it was inappropriate as they were not Swiss or at least Norwegian. Grandma royally explained to her adult child how similar the two of them were, ending with the thought that the newcomer might be somewhat better. Not accepted are bullies, criminals and anyone who does not accept American values. Several of you have asked if I had more information and I do have a little more.

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